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AgencyLeads helps you find companies that are in need of your services by generating lists based on location and industry.

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Find Companies Who Need Your Services

Just enter a location and industry you’re looking to target and we’ll generate a list of companies with different data points you can use to determine who’s the best fit to reach out to.

Here’s all the data points we provide:
  • Company Name
  • Website
  • Phone
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Mobile Friendly
  • JSON Schema
  • Technology Used
  • Average Google Ranking for Location + Industry
  • Page Speed Score
  • SSL
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Access to Our Resource Library

Get access to proposal templates and contracts that we’ve used personally 
to close hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business:

  • Web Design & Development ProposalWeb Design & Development Proposal
  • SEO ProposalSEO Proposal
  • Web Hosting ProposalWeb Hosting Proposal
  • Cold Email SequencesCold Email Sequences

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I test out the software first?

Yes! We offer 1 free search when you sign up so you can see the type of data you’ll be getting.

How do searches work?

When you sign up for AgencyLeads, you’ll be prompted with a search page that allows you to enter a location and industry you’re trying to target. We will then compile a list of all the companies we have in that location with all of the data points we have available.

Where is the data sourced?

The data is sourced from over 150 different sources and we are constantly compiling more data about each business. We combine that data into each record to get as much information on each business as possible.